Meet Our Family

Millie RoseMillie is the charming wife who has supported Dale’s ministry over the years. Millie has been giving her testimony and God has used it to minister to ladies and help them find freedom from their pasts. Please pray for her as she continues to minister to those in need. We are continually working on material for the abuse victims, parents, and also the spouses of those who have been abused.  
Hailey RoseHailey Ann is full of vigor and vitality. She has been able to travel with Dale and Millie to Jamaica and Russia on mission trips, and to tour Israel with them. She stays busy with school and activities and enjoys socializing with her friends. She is now a Senior in high school and serves as the captain of the color guard.  
Jeremiah and Kim RoseJeremiah and Kim Rose are graduates of Liberty University, and currently reside in Lynchburg, VA, with their two daughters and one son. Jeremiah is the owner of Jeremiah Rose Building, Inc., and partner at DRV Construction.  
Abigail & Elle RoseAbigail and Gabrielle Rose are Kim and Jeremiah's older children. Abigail is now four years old, and Gabrielle is one.  
Elisha RoseOn November 4, 2010, Kim and Jeremiah were blessed with a son, named Elisha Daniel Rose. He arrived at 3:59 AM, weighing in at 10 pounds, 1 ounce  
Derek RoseOur son, Derek Allen was able to be with us here on this earth for 31 years, 2 months, and 27 days. Derek passed on September 26, 2009 in his sleep from heart complications. We are grateful for the time that we had with him, but until you have had a child precede you in death, you cannot begin to imagine the pain. Words cannot describe the anguish in the soul and the longing to have them back here with you. The only thing that helps is to have the hope (know so) that they are in heaven and that you will be reunited with them one day. Without faith in Christ, we don’t know how a person could handle it and deal with the loss of a child. The soon return of Christ is more welcomed than ever. To be reunited with a child will be tremendous. Derek had his struggles here, but we are glad that there are no longer struggles for him. (Rev. 21:3-7) The thing that we learned the most from Derek was forgiveness. He was so quick to forgive us when we failed, and he was always forgiving of others when they hurt him in some way. Derek lived a full life. He loved babies and children. They would come to him when they would reject everyone else. He enjoyed many activities; camping, fishing, hunting, riding the four wheelers, water skiing and knee boarding, his horse, the rescue squad that he served on. Here is what a young man who grew up as a teenager alongside Derek had to say: “Derek, the best example of freedom. As much freedom one could have on this earth. His freedom was not rebellious; it was not self-centered. He was not purposefully reckless. He was not afraid of man. Derek was not afraid of death. He was truly free in this life. These wonderfully powerful character traits Derek expressed in life were all based on his unwavering TRUST. He trusted God, first and foremost, and because of Derek's trust in God, he trusted his fellow man. His life makes me think of the wild Mustang horses. They run free, not seeming to have a care in the world. They have not a worry of food or any other sort of provision. They just live. God, Master of the mustang, provides for them because He even cares for even the sparrow. In that, the Mustang fulfills the purpose God has for him. That is, to be an expression of our heavenly Father's boundless freedom. A freedom only realized when God is surrendered to as provider of everything. Derek had fulfilled his life's purpose, like the Mustang, he lived in the Freedom and Provisions of the MASTER. Thank you, Derek, for your wonderful, wild love and your faithful and fulfilled life.
 Derek and I rode his four-wheeler together on many occasions. We jumped hills. We rode fast and hard. He was as free as could be. He was kindred spirit to a horse unbroken. His freedom was contagious. I travel very much, now. I can't help but to think of Derek every time I step foot into a new place, country or continent; anytime fear might creep in and hear Derek saying "Come on Dave, let’s get on the four-wheeler and jump some hills, let's see what's out there today." Praise God for Derek and his life.” —Dave Mayer II