A few words from our host churches...

"When Jesus Christ ascended upon high, He gave gifts unto men. One of these gifts was the evangelist. The gift of the evangelist is given to mature the church. For unity and to bring us into the fullness of Christ. Dale Rose is a true evangelist for the church. He works hard at his calling, of reaching out to the church and the lost. Dale preaches the word of God with compassion and conviction. He works closely with the pastor, in meeting the church’s needs. After revival he has good follow-up of letters and phone calls to those who have made decisions. There has always been decisions made for Christ with Dale’s revival services. He is a friend to pastors and the church and I highly recommend the Evangelist Dale Rose."

Reverend Rodney West, Pastor

Barnesville First Baptist Church

Barnesville, Ohio (September 2010)
(740) 425-1401



"Bro. Dale Rose from Monticello, KY just completed a Fall Harvest Revival for our church. The Lord used him in a tremendous way to bring about revival in our midst. Bro. Dale was very thorough in the weeks prior to the revival helping us to get prepared for the movement of the Holy Spirit.  Once he arrived the presence of the Lord Jesus Christ was so clear in his spirit, in his preaching, and in his evangelistic visits. Every day except for one at least one person accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Savior in home or restaurant visits. During the services themselves we had two decisions for Christ, and a multitude of rededications. David Veirs, one of our deacons, said, 'This has been the best revival of my lifetime at Tunnel Hill Baptist Church.'

Bro. Dale uses object lessons to capture people’s attention and draw them into the message that God has placed upon his heart. He uses these object lessons not only in the revival sermons, but also in home and restaurant visits. The two pieces of paper that he uses to help lead someone to Jesus Christ as Savior is one of the simplest and most effective evangelism tools that I have witnessed in my 24 years as pastor.

I recommend highly Bro. Dale Rose to conduct your next revival!"

Dr. Nathan A. Whisnant, Pastor

Tunnel Hill Baptist Church

Elizabethtown, KY (November, 2009)

(270) 234-4827



"Dale Rose presents the never changing gospel with a fresh approach. His use of visual aids in his presentation will keep your congregation on the edge of their seats.

Be sure to invite his wife Millie when you schedule Dale Rose for a revival. Having grown up in a non-Christian home, Millie was subjected to all sorts of abuse as a child. Her transparent testimony will be a tool for healing for the women in your church."

Wilbur Powell, Senior Pastor

Post Oak Baptist Church

Russellville, KY (November 2006)

(270) 725-7020



"It was truly a blessing to have you in Bowling Green to preach at Clear Fork. Everyone enjoyed the wonderful way you presented the word of God. We had an older lady saved the following Sunday night after you left, Mrs. Pat Dean. The crowds were good each night and they seem to grow too. Again thank Millie for the words of encouragement  that continues to help those who went through difficult past incidents in their life.

Know this you are on our prayer list and I know the Holidays will be difficult this year for you and your family. May God give you strength to go on toward the goal line."

David. G. Daugherty, Pastor

Clear Fork Baptist Church

Bowling Green, KY (November 2009)

(270) 782-5945



"I have known Dale Rose for more than fifteen years. I have seen Dale in many roles; Student, Pastor, Evangelist, and my friend. During these years I witnessed Dale's love for God and His word. He and his lovely wife Millie are true to the word and strive to follow it in their daily lives.

He has a unique ability to communicate effectively. His heart's desire is to be able to present the gospel clearly with love. I recommend Dale highly. We had Dale for revival and we experienced God's blessings greatly. We followed the revival preparation suggestion he sent to us and found them to be most helpful and concise. It is refreshing to watch as God uses a servant to share His grace to the world."

Triumphant in Christ,

Charles M. Rice, Former Pastor

Allons Baptist Church, Livingston, TN (March 2006)

(931) 939-2634



"I have known Dale Rose for many years. He is a man of deep integrity who loves the Word of God. His passion for Christ is contagious and his dynamic preaching is used by God to change hearts. His ministry through the years has drawn a great harvest of souls for the Kingdom.

I have had the privilege of being Dale's pastor for several years and have found him to be a man who understands and loves pastors. I highly recommend Dale to your church for revivals, Biblical seminars, and marriage retreats."


Rev. Coy Webb, Disastor Relief Associate

KY Baptist Convention 
(March 24, 2006)

(502) 322-7719



"In the more than five years I have known Dale Rose, I have had the privilege of being in his home and in his church, and I have found him to be in excellent student of God's Word and an effective proclaimer of the gospel of Christ. His character is above reproach, his devotion to his family exemplary, and his commitment to God's will unquestionable. I heartily recommend him as an evangelist whose ministry will bless those he serves and those who hear him preach the biblical message."

Robert Oldham
, Emeritus Professor

Clear Creek Baptist Bible College

Campbellsville, KY 42719-0005
 (December 15, 1992)

(270) 465-6759



"As your church seeks help in evangelism, I hope you will pray about using Bro. Dale Rose. In response to the Lord's calling, Dale is committed to helping pastors and church members reach people for Jesus and see them grow in discipleship.
Bro. Dale has experience as a pastor and understands local church needs. He relates well to people. I found his preaching to be biblically sound, thoroughly prepared, and relevant to current needs."

Dr. Bill D. Whitaker,  Pastor

Glasgow Baptist Church

Glasgow, KY (September 18, 1992)

(270) 404-1787



"We recommend Dale Rose for evangelistic work because he has given his life totally to God's work. His hunger to see souls saved is evident in his everyday walk.
His wife, Millie, is in total support of Dale and will be willing to make the necessary family sacrifices to help him carry out his evangelistic duties."

Robert and Marie Dodson, 
Advisor and Personal Reference

Centre, AL 35960 
(February 11, 1990)

(256) 927-6871



"I want to recommend Dale Rose to you for your church needs in evangelism. Dale is an excellent preacher, a personal soul winner and a good communicator. He is biblical in his preaching and conservative in his theology. When Dale preaches, things happen. Dale is the kind of evangelist that will glorify God, edify the church, strengthen the family and reach the lost for Christ."

Dr. Malcolm McDow
Professor of Evangelism

Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary
(November, 1992)



"I have received your revival material, and I am very impressed. It is obvious you have a good grasp of what is involved in revival preparation. I am especially appreciative of your initiative in writing new materials and developing new tools for revival meetings."

Dr. Richard H. Harris, Vice President

 Missions Advancement

North American Mission Board

Southern Baptist Convention
 (October 14, 1992)

(770) 410-6201



"I would like to take this opportunity to recommend Brother Dale Rose as a church evangelist. I do not hesitate to testify that Dale Rose is sold out to God and His message. It has been my privilege to know this man whom God has gifted in so many areas. I believe that Dale is able to excel in this manner due to several reasons: his anointing by the Holy Spirit, his overriding concern for lost souls, his total commitment to the gospel of Christ and the wholehearted support of his wife."

Beth Curtis

Frost, TX 76641 
(December 1992)



"Dale Rose has come to Zion Baptist Church on four occasions (eight as of 2010) to be our Evangelist for revivals. Each time Dale has come God has worked in a mighty way for our church. We have seen many people make professions of faith as well as other spiritual decisions during every revival. Our spring 2003 revival was the best yet. We had over 25 professions of faith and extended the revival meeting through the end of the week.

We are looking with anticipation to having Dale with us again in 2004. I have known Dale personally for 13 years and can recommend him to any church without reservation. Dale is a man of God, a man of God's word and preaches it with passion and boldness. Having been a pastor himself he is a pastor's friend and ministers to me and my family hile in our midst."


(The Late) Mark Conway, Pastor

Zion Baptist Church, 
Brownsville, TN

(731) 780-1564



"Millie, your message came to us with deep humility; we could feel your pain. The audience was so quiet and attentive as you spoke. You must continue to give your testimony; you will never know how many lives will be touched. Many will never tell you, but, they will know and God will know. Seeds will be sown. There is absolutely no substitute for truth. Your message is so relevant because of the times in which we live. There are so many suffering, silently, afraid, and embarrassed to talk. We commend you for sacrificing your life's secrets in the ministry to help others."

Willie & Verdina Bilbrey

Livingston, TN 
(December 2006)