You Are Somebody

Dale Rose speaks about the fact that everyone strives to be "somebody." He addresses the fact that God has created each of us in his own unique design for a specific purpose.

Drop Those Stones

After the worship through song, Dale Rose comes walking in carrying a burlap bag over his shoulder with five stones in it. These stones represent restraining burdens, such as rejection and regrets that imprison us. There is 45 to 50 pounds of weight. He is on a journey to find somewhere to get rid of his stones. Most people enjoy this sermon enough to call it their “favorite.” 

The Courtroom


This is a courtroom drama of the White Throne Judgment. Jesus is the Judge, there are three defendants, Paul is the prosecuting attorney, and the identity of the defending attorney is not disclosed until toward the end of the sermon. Dale Rose role-plays the defendants after examination, pleading for mercy, and then role-plays them in hell. It is a very graphic sermon. This sermon probably takes more energy than any of the others.